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Mix Parlay is a popular form of betting today in the betting world, especially in the field of football. However, this is a concept that not all bettors know. The article below 90jili ph will help you understand more about this issue.

Concept of Mix Parlay bets

Mix Parlay – called cross bets or accumulator bets – is a popular form of soccer betting that players often choose. In Mix Parlay, players can combine multiple bets with different odds into a single bet. To win, all bets in the Mix Parlay must win. If just one choice is wrong, their entire bet will be lost.

Regarding the concept of Mix Parlay in more detail, if you choose team A to win match 1, team B to win match 2, and a draw in match 3, all selections  must be correct for you to win the bet .

If all are correct, the bonus rate you receive will be calculated according to the number of bets you participate in. This means that Mix Parlay becomes an attractive bet, with the possibility of receiving high rewards if players can correctly predict multiple matches at the same time.

Popular forms of soccer parlay betting

To maximize your odds of winning big, you need to understand the basic types of parlay bets and understand what Mix Parlay is. This introduces new players to the world of betting and helps them make smart betting decisions:

Cross bet 2

Cross bet 2 is a form in which the player must win all types of bets to receive money. Although it sounds risky, in fact, this form of betting has the ability to turn losses into wins through just one bet.

Cross bet 3

Players will choose 3 bets that they believe will win. If all predictions are correct, the player wins. If there is a wrong choice, the player will lose the entire amount bet. This is a big challenge that requires players to have extensive knowledge of information about teams and events taking place in the sports field to make accurate predictions.

Combination bets

When choosing a combination bet, players will have the opportunity to combine diverse odds of Euro matches into a single bet. At the same time, this betting method has the ability to combine many types of odds such as over/under odds, European odds, Asian odds, and many other types of odds that appear in narrow or large matches.

For Mix Parlay, players need to bet on two or more matches. For example, if you play two matches it will be a 2-way bet, and if you choose three games, it will be a 3-way bet. If you correctly guess all the matches you bet on, you will receive a huge bonus.

mix parlay

Good tips to win

If you are a new player participating in soccer betting and want to win in soccer parlay betting, players need to pay attention to the following:

Allocate finances appropriately in bets

Many players have problems when they do not know how much property they own, or know but still decide to bet recklessly. In fact, research shows that playing soccer parlays should not be underestimated. If you win, the profits can be huge.

But unfortunately, failure and losing all their assets can push them and their families into hardship and debt. So when playing soccer parlays, you should only see it as an entertaining game, helping to relieve stress and bring joy, instead of an official source of income.

Prioritize the underdog when playing cross bets

In case you start to feel that your initial choice may lead to failure, you can immediately adjust your parlay betting strategy during the match. In choosing the underdog for the cross bet, the most important thing is to choose three matches that you feel safest.

When you bet on the first match, you should choose bets with a handicap of at least 1 goal or more. A handicap difference can help you increase your chances of winning because you will focus on matches where you feel confident and able to predict the correct outcome.


The information we share will help you understand what mix parlay is, cross bets and combo bets, and some tips to win soccer parlay bets in the most detailed and easy-to-understand way.

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